Zoom training

Covid-19 put a stop to regular training in the hall, so Zoom training continues. We have had some inspiring sessions directly with Japan and the Hombu dojo instructors. Weekly sessions on Wednesday and Thursday are regularly attended and the instruction, limited to the available space, is in itself interesting, bringing the focus into the close-quarter […]

Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa passes away aged 88

8 December 2019 SKIF HQ sent out a communication that SKIF founder Hirokazu Kanazawa passed away peacefully at home at the ‘Blessed ripe old age’ of 88. Many karateka across the world will have been influenced and taught by this great sensei over many decades. The Kanazawa dynasty continues and the legacy of this gentle […]

Shinji Tanaka visits the UK

Presenting an exquisite technician to the UK, we have the opportunity to train at several locations; Wigan, Watford and Windsor. The Academy will be attending both the Wigan and Windsor events, looking for further insights in technique and teaching methods to pass onto the wider membership. I’m looking forward to seeing this remarkable Sensei in […]

New Year, new stuff to do!

With the coming year ahead, I want all students to be thinking about application and context for their techniques. Creatively looking at the basic and complex actions within kata with the thought of “what does this actually mean and how do I create power?”. As we have already discovered this year, application of a technique […]

Bassai Dai bunkai

A frantic Thursday was spent discovering the implications and possibilities of selected techniques within Bassai Dai kata. Thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking. Part two to follow shortly.