The Academy of Shotokan Karate offers instruction in a specific style of Karate which has been passed on by generations of the Kanazawa family since the introduction of karate into the UK in the 1960’s.

Classes are taught by Bob Jennings Sensei supported by a team of dan grades who can take students though all the basic kihon, kata and kumite elements of the SKKIF syllabus.

Sensei Jennings (5th Dan) has been involved in karate for over 35 years, attending courses in Europe and the UK, with complementary studies in Aikido and TaiChi.

Beginners are always welcome and are introduced to karate training in a methodical manner with emphasis on correct body movement, timing and breathing.

Self control and discipline are the threads that tie the lessons together with learning and retention of information actively encouraged.

Kancho Nobuaki Kanazawa (7th Dan) with Sensei Bob Jennings (4th Dan)